How to Choose the Right Business Coach

Hiring the right business coach can be the difference between having a great year and closing your doors. Check out my video where I discuss hiring the right coach with Brent Muller of Sapphire Online Marketing.

I was interviewed by Brent Muller of Sapphire Online Marketing on the subject of How to Choose a great business coach for their business. Here’s the video:

As I mention in the interview, while I think every business owner should have someone they can talk to outside of their business to give them a different perspective, help with planning and hold them accountable (that’s what we biz coaches do) – I know I”m not the right coach for everybody.

I talked about three factors that a business owner should look for in a coach –

  1. Reputation – What do the coach’s clients say about him or her on Google+, LinkedIn, the coach’s website, etc…
  2. Experience and Expertise – Does the coach’s career history match your expectations for someone who have valuable advice and perspective to offer your company. Coaching is a second or third career – never a first. A good coach will have “earned” their way into the business coaching profession through years of experience working in, owning and/or advising companies similar to the clients that coach works for.
  3. Service – Does the Coach offer services that match your needs.

If a coach satisfies all three of these criteria it is probably time to set up a meeting. The coach should be willing to meet with and evaluate your situation so you can each determine if the relationship will be a good fit for both sides.

That’s why I offer a Free Initial Coaching session to all new clients. I can’t charge a client until I know whether it’s a good fit for them and for me. At that 60-90 minute session the prospective client gets a taste for my coaching style and they walk away with some real insight and action items to improve their business. If it’s not a fit, that’s OK – we will each be better off for having met.